The Rights of Human Predators

The following rights violate the right of every human being to create and experience well-being by violating the corresponding responsibility to respect that right. These rights do not. If we want to improve our lives and the lives of others, let’s start by not giving ourselves or others permission to do these things:

  • The right to create well-being for ourselves even if we have to be unjust
  • The right to define justice and right as what serves our interests
  • The right to define injustice and wrong as what does not serve our interests
  • The right to do whatever we want as long as we have the ability to do it
  • The right to give ourselves rights that we do not give to others
  • The right to violate the rights of others with impunity
  • The right to power over anyone weak enough to have no option but to submit to us
  • The right to exploit the people who work with us for as much as we can get away with
  • The right to pay others as little as possible for their services
  • The right to spy on anyone we want however we want if we can get away with it
  • The right to murder anyone who gets in our way
  • The right to enslave anyone weak enough to have no other choice
  • The right to denigrate, insult and slander anyone who gets in our way
  • The right to psychologically and emotionally abuse anyone who opposes us
  • The right to label anyone who opposes us subhuman or inferior to us
  • The right to deny people the ability to meet their needs if it helps us meet our needs
  • The right to imprison unjustly
  • The right to impoverish others
  • The right to use violence against our opponents
  • The right to blame our opponents for our violence
  • The right to steal land, oil, money – whatever we want
  • The right to invade and conquer the citizens of other countries if we can
  • The right to sign treaties and break them whenever we find it convenient
  • The right to unjust interference in the politics of foreign nations
  • The right to lie
  • The right to use propaganda
  • The right to sell addictive substances and hide their dangers
  • The right to charge obscene prices for medical care and prescription drugs
  • The right to wage war for profit
  • The right to scapegoat whomever we want
  • The right to blame our victims for our brutality
  • The right to buy governments and politicians
  • The right to destroy the environment
  • The right to invade the privacy of those who get in the way of our efforts
  • The right to contempt for those who are not successful predators
  • The right to break the law if it serves our interests
  • The right to pretend like we are humane as we commit barbarous acts
  • The right to make our victims look like weaklings or terrorists
  • The right to terrorize our opponents
  • The right to call anyone who opposes our interests terrorists
  • The right to bully others
  • The right to abuse others as means instead of respecting them as ends in themselves
  • The right to abuse others sexually as long as we can get away with it
  • The right to create unjust laws
  • The right to complain about anyone who thinks they have the same rights as we do
  • The right to as much money as we can get
  • The right to control other people as much as we can
  • The right to complain when others try to do the same to us
  • The right to use state violence
  • The right to use religion to legitimize our crimes
  • The right to use judges to legitimize our crimes
  • The right to violate the integrity of elections through voter suppression tactics
  • The right to use whatever weapons we deem necessary: nuclear, chemical, biological, drones, robots, water cannons, stun grenades against any opponent regardless of how peacefully they resist our efforts to destroy them
  • The right to ignore the fact that people who care about their well-being AND the well-being of others are much more honorable than we are
  • The right to trick others into thinking we are honorable by training them to focus on how much money and power we have, our luxury possessions, prestigious degrees and all of the other things that tell people nothing about whether someone is truly honorable or not.

Is it possible for human beings to create well-being for themselves and others without creating ill-being for themselves and others? Can we create a set of humane rights and responsibilities that support everyone’s efforts to create and experience well-being while also protecting everyone from ill-being?

What if people supported and respected humane rights and responsibilities?

The beauty of humane rights and responsibilities is that no one can claim a monopoly on them. Anyone can choose them. You don’t have to choose to subscribe to a particular religion or political philosophy. You don’t have to be born into a particular nation or race. You don’t have to wait for others to agree to give you these rights. You don’t have to do or be anything – except choose to be humane.

Why do human predators believe they have these rights?

According to the author, Ralph Wedgwood, human predators believe “that, quite generally, the interests of distinct human beings are necessarily antagonistic or opposed to each other. In effect, all human beings are locked into a constant “zero sum game”—that is, a situation in which the only way in which anyone can benefit in any way is at someone else’s expense. There is no prospect of a “win–win” outcome, in which everyone is made better off than they would have been had they not interacted at all. In every social interaction in which anyone’s interests are affected in any way, one party is the winner, and the other party is the loser: that is, one party—the victor—ends up better off than they would have been if the interaction had never occurred, while the other—the defeated party—ends up worse off than they would have been had the interaction never occurred.” This is bunk. We can all be better off if we all reject behaviors that create ill-being for others. Book I of the Republic by Plato also explores the rights of human predators


3 thoughts on “The Rights of Human Predators”

    1. It describes a lot of the 99 percent too. Plenty of the 99 percent – about half, including nearly all of the petite bourgois, most of the the coordinator class and of course, the lumpenproletariat, are adherents to the above ideology too. Look up these terms if you are unfamiliar with them.

      So let’s consider dropping this 1 percent/99 percent meme. Merely being in the in the bottom 99 percent of income or wealth does not confer virtuousness nor automatically make them an ally of the left and decency, absent an awful lot of re-education. We are long overdue for an examination of the failures of Occupy, which continue to impede us today.


      1. Please clarify: What are the failures of Occupy that impede us today?
        I never saw that 1%-99% implied any intrinsic value: just a reality snapshot of economic strata that represents a vanishing middle class. From there one can assign justice or injustice or question the system that has produced this outcome, or examine the method to get to the smaller % etc…I think it has been an extremely important socio-economic picture that allows political response as a society that always had seen itself as middle-heavy and up-ward moving. To me, Occupy has underscored a movement to re-evaluate a society that produced this, allowed accelerating profits to continue for those responsible for the bottom falling out for those who “paid” them. It has highlighted the importance of Citizens United, regulation of “Wall Street” and return of Glass-Steigle etc…


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